Private Client Services

Our services include:

Legal and tax consultancy in relation to Brazilian and international issues, including taxation on income, taxation on donations, successions, real estate investments and investment structures abroad.

Tax planning in Brazil and abroad: we help our clients to organize their assets, sources of income and family life in order to optimize their tax burden, reduce administrative costs and ensure compliance with international tax rules.

Change of residence: transfers abroad for personal or professional reasons are increasingly common. However, before moving, the individual must be informed about the legal, tax and succession implications arising from the change of residence. Therefore, it is important to plan the exit in advance in order to avoid detrimental tax and inheritance effects, and explore opportunities arising from the relocation. Lorusso & Partners helps individuals to plan their departure from Brazil and implement all the necessary procedures for their change of residence. Some countries offer advantageous tax regimes for non-residents willing to establish residence in their territory, including tax exemptions for a certain period of time. We help our clients to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the regimes offered by these countries and request the application of the selected regime. In addition, we assist our clients with respect to Italian citizenship requests and residence permits with the support of Italian professionals specialized in immigration law.

Wealth and estate planning: it takes a lot of time and effort to build wealth. However, many wealthy families spend little time thinking about strategies to ensure perpetuity, or a tax-efficient succession. Our goal is to help families plan and implement asset protection, wealth and estate planning strategies. There are several cases of wealthy families which assets have been dilapidated after endless legal discussions about succession. To avoid this type of situation, we help our clients to identify criticisms and plan their succession in Brazil and abroad, ensuring the well-being of their families and loved ones, at the lowest tax cost.

Tax compliance: assistance in relation to ancillary tax obligations of Brazilian resident individuals, including those who have investments or assets abroad. Our network counts with the assistance of a renowned accounting firm specialized in private clients, which provides services such as preparation of income tax returns, declarations to the Central Bank, tax computations and preparation of balance sheets for offshore companies, among others.

Family office: we provide complete consultancy to families, not only in the legal and tax area, but also strategic assistance for the management of equity interests and family governance.